About Prince JJ

About PrinceJJ


  • ces (@ceskjj)
  • ceci (@cecilia9095)
  • min (@white_faith)
  • lena (@jaelenaa)
  • yule (@doctorjaee)
  • hannah (@the_little_pear)
  • sho (@starfieldsho)


  1. HI , admins . Nice to meet you . I’m very greatful to know ur Blog . It’s so meaningful . Thanks for all things u share with us about Jae . Thanks a lot . Can u introduce more about ur blog ? ex , do you have FB ? are u in Korea ? ah , how long ur blog have created ?
    I’m introduce myself : I’m Jennifer Xu , I come from VietNam and onething same with u , ” I love Jae ” I love Oppa not only his appearance ( white skin like baby skin , sweet smile , cool , …) but also his talent : his voice , his songs , he composes so many romace songs , but I wish his songs in future be more funny , not sad . =]] ….
    I’m looking forward to ur reply .

  2. hi admins…
    i wanna say thanks to you all for sharing this…

    i hope u all will never be forget about your love for kim jaejoong and stay love n adore him..

  3. Dear all admins just wanted to say a big thank you to you for doing so much for our dearest JJ, he deserves our love and support! Princejj fighting!! I will support you all and JJ forever^^

  4. hi ? its nice to know this site and i can learn more about our oppa 😀 but still, mins, how can we send a fan letter for jae? i bet its via email or something? maybe you can tell us the adrress via airmail? thanks a lot 😉

  5. Annyeonghaseyo admin ^^
    when I first found this blog I was very happy. Because this blog is specially dedicated to Kim Jaejoong (my bias) and again the articles on this blog (PrinceJJ) very complete and update. Many articles Jaejoong that I don’t know but after finding this blog, I learned that I had not known. I am very grateful to you and I really appreciate it.
    thank you very much, PrinceJJ ^^

  6. Dear PrinceJJ admin team
    thanks for the blog and efforts always.
    may I know if anyone going to Jakarta on 3nov to support his fanmeeting?

      1. now I wish to go Bangkok for his Thai fanmeeting too. the ticket websites only have information but i can’t find online purchase for overseas fan…

  7. Good morning. How is everybody?
    I’d like to know how I can be a member of Prince JJ? Is there a fee or do I just participate in the projects?
    Thank you and have a great day.

    1. Hi Sharina,

      PrinceJJ doesn’t have memberships as we’re a fansite and not a fanclub. Anyone can participate in our projects. Thanks for your interest ^^

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