PrinceJJ’s Projects to date

Kim Jaejoong’s First Domestic Drama ‘Protect the Boss’ (Aug 2011)
Press conference Rice Wreaths
Bus-stop Ads + LED Ad

Kim Jaejoong’s First Solo Fanmeet in ShangHai (Dec 2011)
Green lightsticks, wristbands, fans (mini goods)

JYJ Mango Tree Project with World Vision (Dec 2011)
10 million Won (1000 Mango trees)

Fangifts for Jaejoong (Feb 2012)
Including birthday messages video

JYJ Concert in South America Support (Mar 2012)
Green Headbands, LED light boards

Let’s Send Our Love to Jaejoong (Mar 2012)
Poster, Message book

Dr. Jin Support Projects (May – June 2012)
1000 Kg rice wreath donation
Press Support as part of Jaejoong Fan Union Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
iMBC support as part of Jaejoong Fan Union Part 4

Operation Smile (June 2012)
$1500 donation to United States’ Operation Smile
$1500 donation to Singapore’s Operation Smile (will send in the coming months)

Vietnam Fanmeeting Support (November 2012)
Flower wreath and bouquet for Kim Jaejoong in Vietnam

Support for Jaejoong’s first solo album 

Bulk purchase of 204 CDs via Herose (January 2013) CD giveaways to Kpop sites (January 2013)

Happy 28th Birthday Project – Flowers at Coffee Cojjee (January 2013)

Support for Jaejoong’s first solo concert (November 2013)

Donation to Jaejoong’s elementary school alma mater (January 2014)
KRW 1,986,126 (USD 1,252) donation to Gongju Jung Dong Elementary School

Rice Wreath Conversion Project – Donation to the Beautiful Foundation (May 2014)

USD 300 donation to the Beautiful Foundation via Herose

Rice Wreath – The Beginning of the End Concert (March 2015)

Support for Jaejoong’s 2nd full-length album (NOX) via Herose – Admins only (Feb 2016)


  1. I wish I could join me and my sisters are for cocierto zone in heaven as I can contact them

  2. I want to know how we can help ourselves from SOUTH AMERICA BOLIVIA .. in PrinceJJ projects. also would like to know how our club “Jaejoong Bolivia JYJ Fans” can join his fan club. thank you very much for everything. sorry for my bad English.
    your information is valuable to us

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